SWoW Holiday Cast #16 – Screencast #2; Auctioneer


SWoW Holiday Cast #16 – Screencast #2; Auctioneer can be downloaded for free at www.StartingWoW.com

The single most downloaded episode of SWoW ever was the first screencast that I did about how to create a new character. I have decided to do another this week, all about the plugin designed to get you as much money in the Auction Houses as possible, Auctioneer.

Now, to get a much more in debth view of Auctioneer, you might want to go check out Chranarak’s article he wrote on it a fair while back. But for a quite course, this is the video you want!

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http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/auctioneer.aspx – Download Auctioneer

http://www.startingwow.com/?p=12 – The first SWoW Screencast

http://www.startingwow.com/?p=63 – Chranarak’s article

http://www.StartingWoW.com – Subscribe to the Starting WoW Podcast for free

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Chranarak’s essential addons: Auctioneer

HI guys and welcome to the first add-on column made by Chranarak. Each week I will bring you one add-on which I cant really play without. I will go quite in depth about how to use these addons, so if you don’t take advantage of the customizable UI then you might find this a bit boring. This column will last until I run out of addons to talk about or maybe until I get too busy to write them. If you have any specific addons you want me to talk about leave them in a comment on this post. Give me a week or two to test them and I will write out something for them, unless they are class specific addons, because I only play a hunter. This week, I will be talking about Auctioneer, the Auction-house plugin. You can download Auctioneer at auctioneeraddon.com. Click “Read More” to read all about it.


Table of contents for Chranarak's Addons

  1. Chranarak’s essential addons: Auctioneer
  2. Chranarak’s essential addons: Cartographer
  3. Chranarak’s essential addons: Autobar
  4. Chranarak’s essential addons: Atlas
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